Work experience

Discovering new ways of creating and living architecture.


Rodrigo´s goal is to make life in the urban environment more  human, by contemplating activities, mobility, technology, history and existing urban landscape.


His approach to landscape design consists of an integrated perspective considering textures and context, activities and routes, human scale and nature. 

Architectural competitions

During the past years, he has mastered his way of expressing a concept clearly, using art & cinema as a way of inspiration.


His architectural drawings enhance volume, lights and shadows, capturing the experience of spaces.  He has worked for international architects such as Ricardo Bofill and Carlos Ott.


Reflected City was originally the name of an art installation.  It summarises his vision on urban life.  It has also become his Instagram account portraying architecture, cities and landscapes.

"Topographies" illustrations

Rodrigo has worked on a series of illustrations inspired on cinematographic takes of the human body through the lense of landscape, architecture and the topography that surrounds us.  The line is used to materialise volumes creating intimate and universal dreams.


Exhibitions &

His illustration was featured in the Moleskine Grand Central Sketchbook issued by the New York Transit Museum celebrating de 100th anniversary of the Terminal.

Features & publications

Rodrigo´s work was selected to be published in "City Sense" a book consisting of the work of outstanding designers whose purpose was balancing the possible impact of real-time data collection on sensor-driven cities.

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